Federica talks with me about how she studied psychology in Italy first, and was an exchange student in Norway. She became a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then the University of Chicago to pursue her PhD, and finally completed training to become a psychotherapist in Boston.


We spend some time comparing her experiences between Chicago and Boston, and university life between Italy and the United States. She also shares other parts of the US that she traveled to, and which city was her favourite!


Having worked with the veterans' hospital, Federica opens up about the challenging experiences she had in that environment; later, she transitioned to a day hospital that hosted group sessions on life skills and coping mechanisms. She discusses the exceptional support system she received in both her academic and professional pursuits.


Federica returned home to Italy in order for her husband to pursue an exceptional work opportunity, and has been back for eight years. She reveals to me whether or not she would pursue expat life again, even in the era of COVID-19!


Lastly, we explore how priorities can shift and Federica offers her words of wisdom for aspiring expats.


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