Lana is a Multilingual Trainer who teaches multiple languages online, including Spanish and English! She describes how she pursued her Master's degree in Spain and met her other half there; she even gained experience teaching English to children in Xiamen, China for a year.


We explore the difficulties of applying for a Work Visa in Spain as a Russian citizen, including the laundry list of documents she needed! Lana tells me about the popularity of Alicante, especially among European expats, and what drew her to the city - including "The Spanish Mentality" and its appeal.


Shifting gears, we discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on her work as a Multilingual Trainer, and how it's been felt across Europe more broadly. We also dive into the value of social relationships during these difficult times, and the differences between introverted and extroverted expats.


On the social side of things, we dissect the notorious "carousel" or "revolving door" of faces you encounter as an expat, and how to prioritize quality over quantity. We wrap up with talking about her hilarious online communication over WhatsApp with her mother, and managing familial relationships while abroad.


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