Carrie is an Intercultural Coach who resided in Mexico City with her husband from January 2020 until very recently, but has now returned to Europe.


She talks with me about transitioning from academia to cultural competence training and consulting: all with a focus on Latin America, and explains how her work has evolved over the last few years to include pre vs. post-departure considerations for moving abroad.


She shares what drew her to Mexico and Latin America in particular, and how her PhD involved field work in the country! Interestingly, she describes the impact of this work on her personal development.


We dive into how she adjusted to living in Mexico during the pandemic, and what she's learned from the experience; we also speculate as to whether more or fewer people will pursue a life abroad in the near future.


Confronting uncertainty is another area we explore both within and outside of framework of COVID-19, and how expatism requires adaptation in every facet of your life! We also discuss how to ensure your mental health remains strong during these times.


Lastly, Carrie reveals her professional and volunteer plans upon returning to the UK, including a fundraiser she will be hosting called "Coaching for Change" which can be found here: 


You can learn more about Carrie's business more generally at 


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