Ali tells me about how she discovered a structured way to pursue life abroad through the Peace Corps for two years, from September 2016 to Dec 2018. She worked at a center for high school girls and taught English, tutored and even did yoga with them!


Her life journey has been a fascinating one, transitioning from farm life, to corporate life, and finally to life abroad! We explore the difference in perspectives of younger vs older expats, what it's like to live as a woman in Morocco, dealing with stares and even coping with harassment.


We discuss the cultural differences and gender politics of the country - in particular, adapting to speaking with men in public in culturally sensitive ways. Further, Ali shares her experience learning 'survivalist' Arabic, specifically the Moroccan dialect, and living with host families. She also explains how doing meditation helped her persevere through difficulties and reinforce positive thoughts.


Ali dives deep into Moroccan hospitality, and how she was consistently invited into others' homes for lunch and tea! We gush over the wide variety of teas you can purchase at local marketplaces, and how certain teas are more commonly consumed during certain seasons.


Lastly, Ali describes what was most meaningful about her experience in the country and what she's learned about the Islamic world.


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